Saturday, January 21, 2012

CES: 2012 Styli Shootout…Length vs. Girth

Do I have your attention now? Good, because in this segment we put two tablet stylus’, styli, styluses given to us by Wacom and Ten1 Design against each other to see who will come out on top for my creative and note taking needs on the iPad. I will get some things out of the way before I begin, both styli are available now, the Bamboo Stylus from Wacom retails at $29.99 while the pogo sketch pro from Ten 1 Design retails at $24.95. Along with similar pricing points, both of these products have very similar features in opposite proportions, so lets see how they hold up.
We will begin with the pogo sketch pro, crafted from a solid piece of aluminum, being the longer and skinnier of the two, comes with two tips, pro and classic, and lastly a soft cloth pouch for portability and longevity. I do not know which tip is the pro or standard tip, but I found myself loving the softer, smooth tip for its sensitivity to detection from the iPad at every possible angle, whereas the firmer, rougher tip requires more pressure for detection. I especially appreciated the length, weight, and rubber grip makes it easier to use for longer sessions and note taking. I would have liked it more if it were the same thickness from top to bottom and were less easy to lose when not stowed behind my ear.
The other stylus that we received from the show was the Bamboo Stylus, which has more of a traditional pen feel. I definitely like the thickness of the stylus and the balanced feel in which it provides. The tip is also removable so you can easily replace when worm out rather than having to purchase a new stylus. You can also personalize it to your liking, as they are available in a handful of colors (see below). Unfortunately, I did feel like the stylus could have been at least a half an inch longer I like to choke up on it to make sure the side of my palm does not make content with the screen. This product was a lot more portable for me as it has a clip, which I used to attach to the apple case that isn’t but should be included when you buy an iPad, but I will save that for another article.
In comparison to the more affordable brands at about half the price point, these two are far and away worth difference in price as the additional weight and less pressure needed for detection provides a more pleasant experience. Lets face it, drawing and painting on the iPad is a lot easier on the iPad than taking notes, most likely due to having to keep your hand hovering about the screen by this southpaw, so it isn’t detected, as you will quickly learn that undo is your best friend. However, if it were possible, a very sexy love child (stylus) would be the outcome from the two…well that or a skinner, impractical, dwarfed stylus.

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