Monday, October 1, 2012

ECBC wants to make sure our toys are safe

Who is ECBC? They are a line of bags and cases from Southern California that specializes in function, comfort, and style when it comes to taking your laptops, tablets, and other tech toys on the go. We were provided with the Dart Laptop Tote, which is one of the many available bags from the B7, rugged ballistisic, product lineup. The Dart Tote is a compact tote that is made to protect laptops that are up to 13 inches along with space for a tablet, chargers and accessories. Available in black or grey, the B7 has a trolley handle pass-through and a padded shoulder strap to make it easier to go wherever you do, so let’s see if it will become a second skin or akward sling.
The build quality and fit are great, ECBC has definitely put a lot of time into making sure that the B7 series bag looks good while not consisting of unneeded bulk. The padding surrounding the laptop sleeve provided a snug fit for my 13 inch MacBook Pro, while the other pocket safely holds my iPad, charger, cables, note pad, and pens. This is a new one for me with the number of bags I have used over the past couple years, but one of my favorite parts to this tote was the trolley handle pass-through, you just slide the tote over the handle and when not being pulled atop your carry on, the pass through works as an extra layer of cushion between you and your laptop.

This is a compact, minimalistic bag which means that there is space for the essentials, but not much for anything else. Even a micro wireless USB dongle for a mouse sticks out enough that makes it difficult to get the laptop in the tote and closed for security. There is enough room to store a magazine with your chargers if you need to close the zipper, but it gets a little cramped. However, there is also the front pocket, but it is about the size of a boarding pass, so you won’t get the zipper closed.
I have been commuting back and forth about a week using this as my work laptop transport device to rely on. I loved the material, the build quality, and the comfortable fit when worn. But like I said, plan carefully and know your “necessities” as you don’t have much space for extras.Unfortunately, I am not the minimalist so it did not quite fit to my liking, the messenger seems the have the space that the tote is lacking, however this was a great fit for my wife, whose use consisted of taking to school, library, and study groups as it was convenient to toss in the bag and take on the go. With the build quality of the totes and the snug fit provided by the pockets, I am hoping to get some time with the messenger bag in the B7 lineup.

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