Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mashbuttons goes back to Little King’s Story

The time has come that Little King’s Story has resurfaced in a portable form for fans of the series and those that happened to have missed this gem when it originally released on the Wii. Little King’s Story was released by XSEED three years ago is now being released by Konami but this isn’t the underrated game you remember. This time around there is no Wiimote and nunchuk, and King Corobo’s quest is portable with a slew of new features specific to the powerful portable. The end goal is still the same, in that you take on the role of King Corobo and are tasked with winning back your kingdom from the Devil King, after taking on dark lords to rescue princesses across seven kingdoms. New to the Vita’s reincarnation in terms of features are upgraded visuals, use of both the front and rear touch screens, and online features.
I for one was ecstatic that this title was going to be remade and released on a console that was not the Wii. On top of that, it is now on the go, what could go wrong? This was such an underrated title and in my opinion still is. It has everything, and I mean everything it takes to be a good game, solid gameplay, character progression, great soundtrack, and a humorous story that makes numerous references to retro game titles. Though it looks childish I can assure you that adults will still find funny and over the top. The fact that you do not have to use Nintendo’s crappy controller to play this will actually be the reason I finish it this time and not quit after 30 hours because using the Wiimote and nunchuk sucked. For those that are oblivious to what the gameplay is even like, I would say Pikmin with a touch of Army Corp of Hell, with the story having a hint of Mario.
Save often! That is the best advice I could give, as you will likely die and when you do, you will go to the last saved game. This can easily be an hour or a couple missions previous. The game slows down often, there doesn’t even need to be a large amount of characters on the screen. This isn’t intolerable, but it does get irritating throughout gameplay. Lastly, and I’m sure fans of the original would agree with me, but I preferred the visual style of the original. There were much more entertaining cutscenes than that of the static anime images with text dialogue.  
New Little King’s Story is a great remake of a great game. While some changes were definitely for the better and others that the developer could have gone without, but one thing is for certain and that is this is the most entertaining game I have played for the Vita, and even though there are a number of things I preferred in the original, I felt the latest portable version is the better of the two. While the slowdown I experienced was the only issue that comes to mind, but the biggest reason to get this is because it was a very good game with poor controls in the beginning, but now the controls are solid and New Little King’s Story is a staple in the Vita’s slowly growing library.

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