Wednesday, October 10, 2012

V-MODA Crossfade LP: Tough, Sexy, Huh?

We have another headphone review for our audiophiles out there; this time around we were sent the Crossfade LP. The LP’s are metal, over the ear, noise-isolating headphones. These cans have military grade durability, ergonomic comfort, and a variety of finishes/colors. The heart of V-Moda’s LP is the 50mm Dual Diaphragm Drivers that provide the balanced sound of multi-driver headphones without use of a battery. The LP comes with two removable Kevlar reinforced cable, one with a three button in line remote with microphone, colorful and customizable shields. Now, time to break down these bulletproof bad boys.
The beasts are bad, badass in so many ways. I will start with the look and design of the LP’s, they are incredibly solid and look like they can take some city miles. There is no plastic here, hell even the cords are wrapped in Kevlar, and you can customize the metal shields and wings with different colors and engraving options. With fashion comes form, as the headphones fit comfortably around the ear with a layer of memory foam to rest both comfortably and isolate outside noise. For the reason anyone would want the headphones, the sound, the mids are tight and the bass is deep. This is due to the massive 50mm driver and the difference can definitely be heard over the usual 40mm. From rock to rap these were able take whatever I threw at them and at any volume. I preferred it at higher volumes to get the whole experience and didn’t want to remove them.
After extended usage, the fit did get a little uncomfortable. At first they felt snug fit, which is nice and allows for a good amount of movement without fear of them falling off, but after about an hour and a half, I had to take them off and give my dome a break. The only other things noticed were at low volumes the highs are over powered by the bass, didn’t matter much though,  I like it loud. My problem is that the people around me aren’t always fans of what is flowing out and even better the lack of acknowledgement to their pleas to turn it down. After a while, the case is a touch on the excess side, unless you are traveling, as you can be certain your cans are safe in a stuffed carry on.
These are my favorite headphones so far, and while bulky and slightly inconvenient on the go, they do go with me everywhere. Sure they may not be the best for long amounts of usage without breaks. What was convenient and made up for this was the inline remote. A lot of headphones have the remote that contains a mic and one multifunction button without volume control. In true form of one-upping, the LP’s have a three button remote with volume control. At a two hundred dollar price point I feel they would make a great addition for anyone looking to take their personal listening to the next level.

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