Saturday, April 13, 2013 sends us a couple successful Kickstarters

This next review is for two items brought to us by a storefront for successful Kickstarter projects, The site showcases a number of crowd funded projects that are some of the most successful projects that consist of signature Apple accessories. The two items that we have in hand are the MOS “Magnetic Organization System” to keep your desktop cables where you left them last as most have a tendency to slip away into hard to reach places. The next item is the Trygger camera clip for the iPhone 5; a clip on adjustable polarizing filter. 
First up we have MOS, a magnetic cord organizer for your desktop or wall. I am always moving my workspace around my house and office and usually anytime I disconnect my power, HDMI, and USB at least one slithers it’s way under my desk. Apparently the MOS’s creators had the same issue because this triangular device rests nicely on it’s porous microsuction pad, does not slide and has four magnetic areas to place your cables. Now the magnets, while not being as strong as I would have liked because it it hard to tell if you have placed your cable correctly, did hold my cables with just enough resistance to hold multiple cables and not pull the MOS across my desk. If your cable does not stick to MOS, fear not because three magnetic cable ties are included in the package.
Next up is Trygger, a polarizing filter that clips onto the iPhone 5 to add vibrant colors to photos. While it does stick out when placed on my phone by clipping onto the corner, but the Trygger comes with a compact case to easily carry with you while protecting the filter from being scratched. As someone that likes shooting photos, particularly outdoors, there are still times in which I do not carry a point and click or DSLR on me and I am stuck having to rely on my iPhone and this compact clip is easily accessable. The best part is the ability to manually adjust the filter via scroll wheel that is easy to access, turn, and most of all take some vibrant pictures without any editing.
A lot of incredibly unique Kickstarter projects are funded and many people miss out on desktop accessories that were funded by it’s fans, and unbeknownst to me was Just window shopping after getting time to spend with just two of the items available, there were a couple desktop accessories that caught my eye and designed to match that Apple feel to look in place with your iMac, iPad, iPhone and other Bluetooth devices and tablets. Both items came nicely packaged and had very nice build quality and functioned as specified. I for one look forward to additional items to be provided through BiteMyApple, being the fanboy that I am, mostly because the items have a modern and artistic build and stand out against the more mass produced accessories.