Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bluetooth and noise cancelling, MashButtons review Phiaton's PS 210 BTNC

We have received another set of headphones, coming to us from Phiaton is the PS 210 BTNC. This Phiaton set comes in the form of Bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds. Equipped with Bluetooth 3.0, the PS 210’s sport an elegant look, but fit for a great active pair of in ear buds with a variety of tip sizes for a comfortable fit. The rechargeable battery will allow you to use all day with no interruption, claiming 12 - 14 hours of use, and should you forget to charge, the exclusive EVERPLAY-X allows use by plugging the dongle into your phone’s headphone jack. 
These are small powerhouses and easy to be taken just about anywhere, while the numerous sizes and comply foam tips make for comfortable listening during extended usage. The noise cancelling works very well and not something found in a lot of in ear headphones, do not require the Bluetooth connection for use, and work tremendously while traveling. The sound quality is great and by using the dual chamber design that is found in the previously released Moderna headphones, providing a clear experience with a wide range getting close to that seen in over ear headphones. I also did not notice any interruption while listening around the house and office while my phone was in my pocket. 
However, every time in which I left my phone at my desk and got around fifteen away, it would break up intermittently. Technically it does keep working, but it will break up frequently until meandering back into range. I was happy to see that the dongle is now rechargeable and has remote capabilities, the downside was trying to navigate the remote, as intend, without numerous attempts. The controls are via four way joystick that is small in size to fit the form of the dongle but my issue was trying to adjust the volume and change the track or vice versa, forget about it if you happen to be wearing gloves.
These headphones surprised me, while the Moderna’s were great, the previous noise cancelling ear buds received by Phiaton sported an unsightly and uncomfortable in line power unit. Most wireless devices lose a considerable amount of sound quality, but with the PS 210 BTNC, there wasn’t any noticeable loss while listening. Throughout usage, the earbuds stayed in place without having to be adjusted, whether working or out jogging. The small carrying case makes it easy to carry whether in a bag or pocket and the pinch to open clip allows simple placement and reduction in movement, just remember to keep your phone on you, or at least nearby.