Sunday, April 7, 2013

Griffin's Stylus+Pen+Laser Pointer gets MashButtons+Accessory+Review

I got another stylus across my desk to review this week and this is another unique one; it is not only a stylus but a pen AND a laser pointer. This multi purpose office tool was designed to never leave your side regardless to if you are taking notes on your tablet or touchscreen devices, on those vintage whites sheets called paper, or to torment your pug, er I mean for use during presentations. Like most others, this bland named accessory also comes equipped with a pocket clip so there is never a good reason to be caught off guard without it.

After spending a week with Griffin’s handheld office accessories, it is time to see how it compares to the likes of Wacom’s and Sensu’s mid level styli. The build is solid, with a nice weight to it and it is easy to quickly change from stylus to pen by pulling apart from both ends, flipping over and pushing back together, while the laser pointer is placed at the top and controlled by a button on the side. The pen is very fine tipped and writes smoothly on paper, while the stylus is a bit wider than I prefer but works as intended.

Definitely not feeling like most multi purposes devices, the lack of an easy named device feels both versatile and portable, there are two items in which I were included during production. The first would be the lack of a cap, so either the stylus or pen is exposed at all times. It is already a bit long already, so the addition of a cap would make it akwardly long. Lastly, the two peices feel loose and slightly jiggle. While they do snap into place, it does come apart from short falls. Should it thread into place like the laser pointer’s battery compartment, it would be damn near perfect.