Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Seeing double with SuperTooth's Disco Twin

We have reviewed a number of the Supertooth’s Disco 2’s and just when you thought Disco was no more, we now have the Twin. Similar to that of the past Disco 2, the Twin still holds the same design, but this time around the package includes two speakers for stereo output. The two speaker come packing 16 watts a piece and provide a true left and right wireless speaker setup with controls on the top of each.  Setup is simple, done by a push of a button and streaming wirelessly in seconds using the Bluetooth 3.0 connection. So after toting around the Twins for a week, it is time to get down to brass tacks. 
As a fan of the previous SuperTooth Disco’s reviewed, it is safe to say that this isn’t a step backward, but more likely a glimpse of what we are to see next in the wireless speaker market. Having true left and true right channels, greatly improves the experience, particularly in larger areas and social occasions. They are very portable and fit in my hand or tucked under my arm and upon power up each channel is identified to listen the way your playlist intended. When I used around the pool, the controls on the top of each speaker made it nice to control the volume and track while knowing that my phone was at a safe and dry distance away.
A couple things to note were the choice of charger, amount of playtime on full charge, and the lack of carrying case. You have to use two separate chargers, completely filling most outlets when charging simultaneously and both speakers must be charged for usage. Sure, you only need the master charged, but if the right channel has juice and the left doesn’t, the master will not play. Each speaker comes with it’s own cloth speaker cover, but if there were a more solid carrying that held both speakers they would have felt easier to transport further than around the house. Lastly, the charge was about 5 to 6 hours before it started cutting out, which seems a little short in comparison to other Bluetooth speakers reviewed.  
The Disco Twin was a great set to stream music and videos to as with twice the speakers come twice the sound. The true stereo sound is definitely a highlight even though the tradeoff for the sound is a shorter play time between charges. Supertooth’s Dynamic Duo is available now at the price of $199, which seems about right as the Disco 3 is priced at $99 and while you are paying a dollar more than you would purchasing separately, wirelessly playing in stereo as opposed to daisy chaining is worth that extra dollar.