Monday, June 17, 2013

I-MEGO send us ZTONE to review, pronounced stone

I-Mego ZTONE is next in the product review lineup, now that I am back from E3 and the dust has settled, it is time to stray from gaming for a couple items and play with some electronic accessories. The ZTONE, pronounced stone, are in ear monitor earphones that come with four feet of braided cable, three pair of silicone fittings,four pair of custom molder gels, and a compact metal case to store it all in. Monitor headphones are typically used by musicians to hear their music while performing, having become more popular as of lately due to the accuracy in reproducing the music to be heard as intended, and now to see how they compare to both on and in ear headphones.
After tampering with the custom molded gels to figure out exactly how to set them and then trying to determine the right size for my ears, I was ready to go. The chamber while bulbous looking at first delivers deep bass and the mids and high blend the sound across a wide spectrum. Despite the volume chosen, I did not once hear these earphone pop under pressure. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a size of the custom molded gels that fit without beginning to feel irritation from the pressure or wanting to fall out. I was able to find a silicone fitting that felt at home without the pressure of the molds. Lastly, they do not include a microphone or in line remote, so do not expect to use these earphones on calls or chatting with Siri.
The ZTONE is by far my favorite model in I-Mego's lineup mostly for its clear playback and wide range. They also come with the most extensive set of tips to provide a comfortable feel for long listening periods, just be sure to take the time to find the right size or they can be cause for a sore ear. It is surprising that there is not an inline remote which means you must use your device to turn up or down and change tracks. ZTONE is available now for $99.99 and available in gunmetal, chrome, and rose gold.