Sunday, June 23, 2013

Zensorium would like to track your wellness with the Tinke

Next up we have the wellness monitor from Zensorium dubbed the Tinke on my review docket. This small device hooks up to the bottom of most iOS devices via the 30-pin connector, and interacts with the app to track your Zen and Vita readings. Vita readings track your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and  respiratory rate to assign a fitness score then tracks usage in the Tinke app after registering a free account. The Zen index is a measurement of stress levels after a 60 second breathing excercise. Let’s see how this small wellness tracking device holds up in comparison to other similar devices out there.
To start, when I plugged in the device, it prompted me to download the app but required a code to install. After 10 minutes looking desperately for a code, killing my Zen score, I tried to download the app from the app store...success. After setting up an account for index recording, I was ready to begin measuring, and that was easy to do after the fifteen minutes setup. A few attempts In and I got into a groove of recording three times a day, then going through the measurements to see why scores may have varied on particular days to better manage my Zen and Vita Indexes moving forward. If you have a case on your phone, you will likely have to remove it for Tinke to plug in and register with the phone.
In the end the Tinke felt more like a novelty device as it is interesting to take measurements on a schedule to see how the scores vary and how to try and better manage my Zen and Vita Index levels.Other than the index being provided after measurements, it does not really explain what the score meant or what to focus on, it just takes a measurement at provides you with your own score and tells you how it compares with total averages. The Zensorium Tinke is available now in a variety of colors; Blue, Pink, Grey, and White for the price of $119.00. Please take note that it only supports iOS devices with 30 pin connectors and will not work with devices that use the lightning bolt connections.