Monday, June 17, 2013

Pantone Universe first wraps my iPad Mini and now the iPhone 5

After recently equipping my iPad Mini with Case Scenario’s Pantone Universe case and loving it, I figured the iPhone 5 case would be worth checking out if it is anything like it’s bigger sibling. Much like the Pantone Bookcase for the Mini, the iPhone case is just about identical, especially in regards to appearance. While it still has the same book or folio design, color, speed bumps for multiple viewing angles in landscape, and magnets in the flap to secure shut. The only immediate differences that stand out are the lack of Smart Cover support and that it is a fraction of the size, so now it is time to see how it functions and compares to it's larger counterpart.
While I loved the Pantone Bookcase for the iPad Mini, I did not feel the same enjoyment in the iPhone version. Most likely due to the size, it just did not feel as sturdy as the Mini's case. What's nice is that the phone slides into the case from the top and does not cover any of the screen, the downside to this was that I had to keep my finger over the top when plugging in as it slides out if I don't. I felt really secure when my phone is in the case as it covers the phone and the flap protects the screen. The other nice feature is how the flap doubles as a stand for streaming delight in close quarters where a tablet is too much. I was disappointed that the weight of the phone barely is barely held up by the case unless standing almost vertically.
The Pantone Universe Bookcase is just as unique on the iPhone as I found it on the iPad Mini. It does not hold up as well functionally to the tablet version but it still provides the same abilities sans Smart Cover. Surprisingly the white stays white, after marking it simply takes a wet wipe to clean, the inside of the front flap does not stay clean as easily however. The Pantone Universe Bookcase by Case Scenario is available for the price of right around thirty euros and comes in either black or red to match the iPad Mini Bookcases.