Monday, June 10, 2013

Relive the Microsoft E3 Breifing briefly

 So we awoke very early this morning to ensure we were one of the first to get in the doors of the Galen Center (USC Campus) to see what Microsoft had in store.  We all know the last week has been a barrage of bad news coming from their own camp.  Now, it's pretty crystal clear that they wanted to get all of the bad news out of the way and make way for a solid 90 minutes of just showing us the goods (games!).

Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb was making the rounds to the audience a bit, managed to capture him hanging out with the common-folk.  We have no idea who he was with.
After a few minutes delayed, we got right into the action.  Before anyone even came on stage, the house lights dimmed, and we got a brand new trailer for...Metal Gear Solid 5/The Phantom Pain.  That's right, MGS5 is coming to the Xbox One as well as PlayStation - and boy oh boy does it look Ah-Mazing!  Seriously - look at it...


Images taken from DSLR; but trust us, it looks amazing.

Again, images taken from projection screen, from a DSLR 500 feet away.
So - there's been a lot of mystery surrounding this game, and there still is, but what we saw today blew us away.  We'll post a link with the trailer as soon as we have it (as well as high-res direct-feed images).

Then here comes Don.  Don Mattrick of Microsoft.

Don comes out with Hideo Kojima, welcomes him to the platform, and swiftly, moves on with the show.  What follows next is quick introductions from Sam Lake (no relation) from Remedy who introduced a new scene from Quantum Break, Ted Price from Insomniac introduced a new IP exclusive to the Xbox One, Sunset Overdrive, and the Forza team introduced us to the new McLaren P1 in person.

The show continued with reveals of Killer Instinct making a triumphant return (probably 'roused the audience the most), a new Panzer Dragoon, Dead Rising 3, The Witcher 3, Battlefield 4, Titanfall (from Respawn Entertainment), and lastly, a new Halo title.

They also revealed release date and price - November 21st for $499.  A bit pricier than we had anticipated/hoped - but we'll see how Sony answers in a few hours.