Sunday, June 9, 2013

Designed by M wraps my iPhone 5 in Aerospace Aluminum

Next up we have another iPhone 5 cases that is made up of Aerospace Aluminum for style, strength, and heat resistance. Another great perk is how lightweight the material is, weighing in at just 14 grams, so along with looking barely there, it feels barely there. This case houses the phone with a foam lining and locks into place with a sliding cover needing no screws or tools, just your fingernail. Lastly as I am sure most are just as worried as I am about scratching your precious’, included in the package is a protective film for the back and screen protector for the front. What originally started as a Kickstarter project and after surpassing its goal by 400%, designed by m has created the AL13 in Gun Metal, Slate, Silver, Blue, and Red.

After recently reviewing and falling in love with V-Moda’s sexy Metallo, I was a little apprehensive about reviewing another aluminum case after the cringeworthy process of removing and cleaning. The Al13 was a much more pleasant process to install and remove as the back cover does not grind when sliding into place and the build was even more low profile than the Metallo. The AL13 was much more like a metal bumper for the phone than a protective case, that is not a fault by any means, but more of a reminder to keep a tight grip on your phone. If you are like me and can not place a screen protector without a rogue air bubble, you typically go commando with your cases, meaning encased but without the protection of screen protectors. Well, those people be warned as the phone barely jiggles while in the case, and like the Metallo, the included screen protectors are necessary to insure a tight fit. Lastly, and this was really my only issue with case was interruptions while listening via Bluetooth headset, and there seems to be a bit of a signal loss, not a lot, but enough to interrupt wireless sound and I don’t pick up wifi signal as far as I do without the case on my phone.
Aside from slight signal loss, it is a stunning case. I actually prefered it over the Metallo in the way of looks and due to the low profile. I would not suggest this case if you use wireless headphones as this is where I experienced the signal loss the most as it caused cutting out at very short distances. The finish is also great as it does not show fingerprints and much harder to scratch than V-Moda’s aluminum case. This case is strictly for style as due to the low profile and only protecting the border, I am much more worried about dropping the phone than when my phone is in almost any other case.