Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bloody's latest Gun3 V7 is a mouse tailored to FPS

We have another PC gaming accessory and this time around is a wired gaming mouse from A4Tech’s Bloody gaming series, the Gun3 Multi-Core Gaming Mouse V7. If you are like myself and unfamiliar with A4Tech, they are a Taiwan company that has 25 years of experience in research and development with 9 years behind the various Gun3 mice. With more than a handful of incorporated innovations, various shooting modes, auto recoil suppression, and concentrated trajectory make up just a few of them to help win more and improve gameplay stats. Along with the internal innovations, the Gun3 V7 is equipped with seven buttons,  one way directions scroll wheel, optical tracking capable of 200 to 3200 Dpi and a 1.8 meter braided USB cable.
This is one sleek gaming mouse, give it 7 buttons and now you have a mouse that is ready for anything. The Gun3 V7 is best for shooters with the ability to go from single shot to two user defined profiles for up to five different weapons. This does take a bit of time to set up, but oh so sweet. This is made capable by way of multiple cores, not one, not two, but three cores with different capabilities all at the touch of finger. Another nice feature that I find weird that I particularly like is the Holeless HD Engine. Where most mice have a cavity which houses a laser, or mouse balls for IE users, the V7 has a lens where the hole would usually be, which is easy to clean by just wiping to insure precision.
On the downside, I felt that the Bloody driver was a bit complicated. In comparison to Roccat or Razer's drivers, it was more complicated and lacked some of the same capabilities. This is mostly in part to the V7’s focus on providing accuracy in shooters. The other issue I had was with accessing the Core3, as it is a feature in which you must pay for. At the price of twenty additional dollars, you get trajectory adjustment and recoil suppression to get your target on point. Luckily, I was able to test strafe mode for 1,000 times, but was not able to experience Macro Editor or Gun Adjustment modes.
That aside, it is a nice mouse for most any PC shooter and fits comfortably in my right hand for longer periods of use. The even better part is the price tag, as it is sold on Amazon at $39.99 and even without the Core3 features it is a mouse that fits well, has practically no play in the click, and thumb buttons at a lower price than most other gaming mice in it’s class. Visually it is nice, with a stealthy look, braided cable that was long enough at 6 feet, and red illumination along the top. The Bloody Series Gun3 V7 is a nice mouse with additional buttons and standout design, but in order to start upping leaderboard rankings, you need to pay an additional twenty spot for the goods.