Sunday, August 11, 2013

Urbanears lets us play with their Plattan

It’s been a while but we have another headphone review; this time Urbanears has provided me with the Plattan on-ear headphones. The headphones were provided in the Dark Grey color, but are available in ten different colors along with a special edition in collaboration with Pax, which each set purchased goes towards preserving five square meters of the rainforest in Costa Rica and you will get the GPS coordinates of your saved plot. The features to the Plattan headphones consist of ZoundPlug for daisy chaining, in line remote with microphone, along with fabric wrapped cord/headphones and folding design. The sound comes to life with a 40mm driver to each eardum, so lets see how they perform out of the box.

Immediately I noticed how light the headphones were and I was not immediately a fan of the design, but after some use, the Plattan's single color look with subtle accents on each side really grew on me. The sound had a pretty average range across the board and volume was good, loud when needed and not complaining about the lack of not having enough. Surprisingly these headphone had significantly less sound bleeding than a lot of the other headphones I have had the chance to get my hands on. There is not a lot of pressure on the ears, which is nice for extended use but is also necessary to provide a seal to keep outside noise out. That was really the only concern as regardless to which way I used them, I could hear my co workers trying to get my attention.

When all is said and done, the price point is what makes the Urbanears Plattan stand out to me. With a price tag of $59.90, the Plattans are ten to twenty dollars more affordable than others in their class. There is a reason in which I feel that the Urbanears headphones look and are named similarly to that of products from a certain Swedish retailer in which I can hardly stand to step foot in, and that would be because Urbanears is another Scandinavian collective. When not in use or on the go, the Plattans fold up small enough to fit in the palm of your hands and have a place to wrap the cord and take up very little space in most any on-the-go bag.

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