Sunday, August 11, 2013

Digital Treasures Pocketpro always keeps your laptop on you

It’s time for another laptop case and this one is a new type of product for me as it is not a backpack or messenger bag, but the Pocketpro Padfolio Case from Digital Treasures. I have reviewed a number of their products before but they were all mobile power products, so I am anxious to se how the cases are. The Pocketpro is a large portfolio that was designed to hold and easily carry around the 13.3” Ultrabook, 13’ MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. This padfolio case is crafted with textured koskin material and stitched to make up an impressive six pockets and that does not even include card slots, dual pen or stylus holder, or notepad slot.

For being a padfolio it is sleek and not much larger than the laptop it holds, so it isn’t hard to take it on the go. The laptop pocket is snug, so my MacBook Pro did not slide around in transit and the strap closure gave me peace of mind that my laptop, pen, stylus, notepad, and iPad Mini were going to stay where left and not going to get left behind. The only issue I had was making sure there was a charger where I was headed or packed in a bag as space is very limited. I also felt that the card slots were added to just have another pocket listed on the fact sheet, because although it did carry my MacBook and iPad Mini, I couldn’t bring myself put anymore personal information into the padfolio. The red accent felt out of place and I thought it took away from the look of the case but the koskin is a nice substitute to leather; but at times, mainly if there is any moisture on my hands, the case gets rather slick.

After using the Pocketpro I found it to be a lot more convenient for daily commuting as I have a charger both at home and in the office. Especially when I was not counting on it to conveniently house my iPad mini with it’s Bamboo stylus, there really was not any need for the notepad, although I did end up using it on conference calls, at those times the Mini was being used for Netflix. The Pocketpro is available now for the price of $49.95 from Digital Treasures and at that price point it is more affordable than most entry to mid range bags and carries just about as much with exceptions to space for your charger or mouse.

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