Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MashButtons get colorful for Saints row 4 review

The time has finally come, you know that time in which we get our early copy of Saints Row 4 and the onslaught of people threatening to ban me for playing pirated games come in. In the spirit of of the content in hand, this review is going to be pretty fucking colorful and what better occasion to let the shit fly. The Saints are once again in the shit but this time not as celebrity figures but as the big badass commander in chief, of course still customizable to your liking. Shit gets real in the forth installment as this time their are motherfucking aliens out for Saints blood, as the leader of the Saints you must save the free world from the bastard Zin Empire. These bastards are lead by a real shitbird named Zinyak and he captures the president and cabinet, locking them in a mental prison cellblock where you are equipped with superhero abilities.
Now that I am sleep deprived from playing hours on end doing absolutely nothing that progresses the storyline and just random shit in the fake world of Steelport, I came to terms that this is likely not leaving my Xbox 360 disk tray for a while. The gameplay is smooth and very similar to most other open world games out there, but this bitch slaps games today by satirizing titles we have loved (or hated) from the current and previous generations. The customization is where I had the most fun and you can change just about anything from the weapon appearance, chest and crotch sizes, personal appearance, superpowers, and other shit. There is a fun and off the fucking wall story that really made me feel like I was playing The Naked Gun of open world sandbox games.
The downside, ha what downside, this game is so much fun that...shit, I forgot about those times in which I rage quit doing the tower climbs. A little word to the wise, upgrade your jump ability early as you will rely on on it to climb the alien towers and complete missions. There were a couple times in which I did encounter bugs which caused me to reboot my Xbox, but at the time in which I typed up this review I had been informed that there will be a day one update to address these issues. Lastly, there were times in which I would go into missions not knowing if I was going to get my ass handed to me and had me screaming obscenities, but after 4,5, 10 attempts, it was apparent to level grind and just come back later.
Saints Row 4 is a damn good time, from the over the top story and the satire of other games' stories and play styles had me laughing out loud, looking for easter eggs, and just fucking shit up in ways that only a Saint can appreciate. Like Saints Row of past, there is a lot of side missions and activities to do throughout the world and more often than not, I would be headstrong on missions, find a cluster on a rooftop, look around, and spend the next hour going rooftop to rooftop for more clusters to upgrade my super abilities. I still hear the relation of Saints Row to GTA, sure that may have been how it had been perceived in the sandbox games, but do not go in expecting GTA, expect a game that is open world like a number of games but by no means ever takes itself too serious. Saints Row 4 gets a “fucking A right” from MashButtons, now just need it to be released to get in on some coop action.

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