Saturday, October 12, 2013

C6 wraps the iPad Mini in their Magnafix Bookcase

Moving on to the next product now, a case for the iPad Mini, the Bookcase that comes to me from C6. This smart fold style case is not exactly like the rest of them, it's standout feature consists of a magnetic locating system on the case for the cover to hold my tablet either upright for viewing or typing while also offering protection. The front cover works as a Smart Cover that sleeps/wakes the tablet upon opening, preventing the always annoying slide to unlock. The materials that make up this case are polycarbonate for protection and the inside of the front cover is made up of micro fibre to help keep the screen clean. Now that the case is snapped on my tablet, it is time to see how it performs.

I like my cases to be minimal and functional, so when I popped my iPad Mini into the Bookcase, it was not noticeably bigger or heavier in my hands. I have come across some cases where the smart cover does not occasionally work or at all, but C6’s case works great. The magnetic locating system really shines as it holds the cover strongly against the back of the case and is easy to find the sweet spot without fumbling. The only issues in which I noticed during use was that while the microfiber lining is nice to help keep the screen clean, it is very hard to keep the micro fiber clean. While the magnetic locator is nice for standing the tablet up for viewing and typing, I was left hoping for another locator to hold the cover flat against the back of the case when reading.

C6’s Bookcase is a solid case for protecting my iPad Mini without adding much to the size and weight of the of the already small mini. The magnetic stand was also a great idea as it held my iPad Mini securely upright on my nightstand, counter tops, and at my workspace. Keep in mind that it is really easy to get dirty and hard to clean, but as long as the elements are forgiving, this allows for easy transportation of the Mini. C6 has made the Bookcase available in a variety of color combinations to provide subtle personalization without screaming for attention at the price of 36 pounds, which at the time of writing this converted to roughly $57.50.

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