Tuesday, October 22, 2013

VÜ, Tylt's new Qi charging compatible device lets you set and forget

With more and more accessories supporting NFC capabilities, we are now getting our first wireless phone charger from Tylt and it is called the VÜ. Unfortunately, Apple does not support NFC charging, but luckily there were a couple people in the office with Qi compatible smartphones willing to let me  see how this bright red charger works. The VÜ gets it’s name from the 45 degree angle it sports to allow users to see the screen while charging and the charging starts once the supported device is set in either portrait or landscape positions. Now that I have had some time with the VÜ and have seen how it performs against some of the in office NFC wireless chargers, it is time to see how it compares.

Much like like the other products in Tylt’s lineup, the VÜ fits right in with the bright and boisterous look accompanied with the soft rubber feel. The desktop charger is larger than most wireless chargers out there, but the stand which makes it easy to see the screen is what stood out over the other chargers currently available. The place anywhere charging is also nice as I was just able to ‘set it and forget it’ without any worry that if not placed properly, the mobile phone would not charge. If there were anything in which I was not a fan of, it would be the short list of supported devices and the flamboyantly loud variety  of available colors, luckily the VÜ is also available in black.

Wireless chargers and supported devices have come a long way in a short time, as I remember the Powermat and other similar attempts at the market with no luck due to the size of the bulky packs that were required and large surface areas needed for the charging pad. A few years later and phones are incorporating the ability into the development of devices to allow for easy wireless charges without the additional bulk and desktop clutter. Tylt’s VÜ takes advantage of this innovative feature and doesn’t charge in one set position, but holds the mobile device angled so that it is easy to view both notifications or streaming video. The VÜ is available now in three bright colors and the more subtle black for the price of $69.99.

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