Saturday, October 12, 2013

Prong sends us their latest successful Kickstarter, the PocketPlug

This next review is a bit different and it is easy to tell that the designers behind this product did not like cords. Prong has provided us with their recent successful Kickstarter project, the PocketPlug. The PocketPlug is a case that wraps around the iPhone 5/5s and contains flat plug prongs that fold out to recharge without having to worry about making sure you have the lightning cable on hand. In case you need to keep playing Candy Crush while charging and you don’t want to be face to face with the wall while charging, there is a micro USB port on the bottom to give more slack to operate while charging.  Lastly, Prong included their advanced charging technology that allows charging in just a matter of minutes.

I admit that I was rather curious about Prong’s cable-less charging case, as someone that hates having cables lying around, I hoped that it was going to blaze a bold new trail. Functionally, the case works as advertised but there were a couple things in which I realized during use that weren’t so convenient. On the plus side, the lack of cable is great when traveling light and the case has a soft rubber texture with hard lines on the side that makes a great attempt to prevent from dropping. The plug folds out smoothly without requiring much pressure, but the speed of charging is where the PocketPlug really shines as it charges faster than when connected to the lightning cable. I did think that this case was a bit bulky, especially when it does not include an internal battery pack. Also, I quickly learned that there aren’t many locations in which the PocketPlug was convenient to use outside the the kitchen, bathroom, or airport.

At the end of my week of usage, the PocketPro proved to be useful on the go due to it’s ability to charge quickly without the need of a cable. The inclusion of the micro USB port did allow me to still link to and charge my phone from my vehicle’s head unit and make it easy to use connected to the cord if I didn’t want to stare at it from the floor while plugged into an outlet. Some improvements to the case would be a change in design to make it easier to remove from the case, slimmer in build design, or include an internal battery for extended use between charges. Prong’s PocketPlug is available now for the iPhone 5/5s in black or white and can be purchased for $69.95.

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