Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SMS Audio follows up the Streets with the Sync by 50

I am thinking Mr. Cent may have grown a fondness of MashButtons after the review of the Street by 50, that or this latest delivery of the Sync by 50 On Ear Wireless headphones hot on the heels of my last review is a metaphorical horse head. The key feature to the Sync by 50 is the Bluetooth capability and SMS Audio has placed the controls on the headphones so you do not have to reach for your phone. In terms of sound, SMS has chosen to equip the headphones with professionally tuned 40mm drivers for big sound and included a folding design and carrying case for portability. The features aside, it is time to sync up and see how they perform at high volumes.

The main differences between the previously reviewed Street by 50 and the fresh out of the box Sync by 50 would be the on ear fit and lack of Active Noise Canceling, but the cutting of the cord still makes for a great experience. Syncing the headphones to a Bluetooth supported device was easy and once synced, they are fast and easy to use whether by way of laptop or smartphone. You wouldn’t think these headphones would be as clear as they are without being wired and they are lightweight to take the pains out of extended use, topped with leather wrapped memory foam pads to make a great seal to eliminate outside noise and prevent sound bleeding. Speaking of sound bleeding, the Sync does a much better job at keeping the music between you and them rather than you and anyone in a ten foot radius. Between the two headphones I preferred the look of the wired Streets as these headphones came in a glossy silver as opposed the flat black. The build quality did not feel as solid as that of the Street, but the smaller stature and lack of cord make for a newly discovered feeling of freedom.
When all is said and done, the Sync by 50 headphones once again surpassed my expectations, and are a superior headphone for audiophiles. I had thought that the Street over ear headphones would be my new go to for daily use, but after a week of using the smaller, lighter, and cordless Sync, they have become my go to cans for work, but when it comes to traveling or trying to tune out roommates and family members, the Street by 50’s still take the honors. SMS Audio’s Sync by 50 on ear Bluetooth headphones are available now in either Shadow Black or Cool Silver for the price of $229.95, in which I feel are a great pair of wireless headphones at a reasonable price.

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