Sunday, October 6, 2013

Buckshot is Outdoor Tech's light artillary

I have gotten my next product from Outdoor Tech, the same folks that previously provided me with the Turtle Shell wireless speaker, this go round we have the ultra portable Bluetooth speaker that is designed and named after a shotgun shell. The Buckshot is small enough to easily tote around, targeted for bicycle users with included handlebar mount, and built to withstand the elements, keeping smartphones and MP3 players out of harms way. I have seen and reviewed a number of the ultra portable wireless Bluetooth speakers, but what makes Outdoor Tech’s stand out is the design with a stealthy look and rugged build quality. It is time to see how the pocket sized Buckshot compares to it’s bigger sibling, the Turtle Shell.

Out of the box, I would have to say I like the look of the Buckshot most as it does not take much space, being the size and shape of a shotgun shell. The solo speaker is wrapped in rubber shock proof coating  which makes me worry less about it rolling of my desk or workbench, but the part part would have to be the battery life as it stays charged for up to 16 hours allowing for less frequency in being connected to a charger and forgetting to charge. Lastly, if you are someone that lives in a bicycle friendly area, the Buckshot is awesome because of the bike mount (glorified rubber band), it is easy to strap the speaker to the handlebars and listen to music without blocking out surrounding noises. Another safety feature would be  the controls, no fumbling for a ringing phone as the controls for calls, music, and volume come in the form of three onboard buttons. The downside in my experience was the sound, it gets rather loud but with just one small speaker, there wasn’t much depth, and depending on where you ride your bicycle, it can be difficult to hear.

The Buckshot is an amazing portable speaker that is easy to take on the go, even in my pocket, to provide added sound on the go or around the house and pool that can also take a beating. The only things that this little speaker is missing are the ability to charge my phone from it, the lack of colors, and the option to chain two Buckshots together in stereo to really disturb the peace. The boisterous bullet is great at providing additional sound over the weak onboard pc/phone/tablet speaker to any mobile workspace and the ability to strap onto a bike almost motivates me to commute to work via bicycle...almost. Outdoor Tech’s Buckshot is available now in black for the price of $49.95.

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