Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wallace and Gromit episodes now available individually | PC gaming

Though we just posted on some other W&G related news upon the release of the XBLA version, I thought it prudent, and becuase I'm bound by a strict code of duty to you, dear reader to inform you of the recent changes in how you may procure said title.

So you say you're not quite willing to plunk down the $34.95 for the 4 episode (season) bundle, that you'd like to test the waters for say, $8.95? Well that sounds tempting now doesn't it. Now you can purchase single episodes (of which there are 2 released on the PC, and only the first hit the XBLA today), for only $8.95 an episode. I'd say that's just over a dollar cheaper than the XBLA counterpart. Now you have to take the good with the bad - you won't be able to get any achievements (boo!), you can demo the title for free on XBLA, but most importantly, you will always be about an episode behind on release.

With the above information, I feel confident, that I've armed you with the proper tools, knowledge and foresight to make the best judgement for your needs. Cause you can do worse things for yourself, than play this Grand Adventure!

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