Friday, May 1, 2009

Holy Bad-News Batman! | Rumor (UPDATE - Confirmed)

***Update: We just got official word from our contact, that this title has indeed been delayed until "end of summer 2009". Though this is bad news for us inpatient gamers, it's potentially great news, as an extra month or so of polish can really ensure a great gaming experience. On a scale of 1-10, how upset are you with a small (all things considered) delay to better the experience?

Say it isn't so Bruce! Someone knocked over the jar of bees and they are flying in every direction this morning with buzz - buzz that our beloved Batman Arkham Asylum has been, (possibly) delayed until later this year. In fact the rumor comes to us via Joystiq, via Game Informer magazine, citing a "source close to the game" that the title is in push-back-city. This is a dark night indeed. We have inquires out to our contacts to see if they can confirm or deny the rumor.

We'll update as we learn more...

In the meantime, you can cry over this new video showing the combat in game in lots of super-slow-mo glory!

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