Wednesday, May 27, 2009

XBLA Wednesday | Boggle, Yosumin! LIVE and Wallace and Gromit

Another week, another round of Xbox Live Arcade releases, this time with another addition to the Hasbro Family Game Night - Boggle, the Squenix puzzle sensation (that's sweepin' the nation?) Yosumin! LIVE, and rounding out the three, is none other than TellTale's Wallace and Gromit's episodic adventure not just for your PC.

Lets do this in no particular order, than the order than it's currently in (all ye conspiracy theorist, can debate on why we picked this order, if you want). Starting the list is Boggle, the newest entry in the Hasbro Family Game Night, designed to tap into your nostalgia, while doing a good job of slowly micro-tapping into your wallet over the release of each new board game. I don't need to tell you about Boggle, you've played it, but there are some notable enhancements, so you should check out the demo at the very least.

Next up is the latest from Square Enix that's NOT an RPG...(do they do those anymore? You'd be hard pressed to believe it). This time it's a new "puzzle game where the aim is to find rectangles of matching tiles known as 'yosumin' and make them disappear". Simple enough, and devilishy so - give it a go!

Lastly, is the XBLA release of the first (of four) episodes in the Wallace and Gromit's Episodic adventure, subtitled "Fright of the Bumblebees". We've already put up some coverage and review of the title for the PC - though the gameplay is identical. For those who love a good point and click adventure, laced with the fun, witty writing of some of the best Wallace and Gromit material, you can do no wrong in picking up this title. This is our recommendation of the week, you owe it to yourself, (and us, now pay up cheapskates) to pick this title up.

You can queue up your downloads from any ol' internet browser via the links below:
Boggle - Hasbro Family Game Night (800 points)
Yosumin! LIVE (800 points)
Wallace and Gromit: Episode 1 Fright of the BumbleBees (800 points)

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