Saturday, May 9, 2009

Codemasters gives us the DiRT on DiRT 2

DiRT studio tour is the newest video showing what is going on behind closed doors in the development of DiRT 2. Okay, maybe it is not as exciting as it sounds, unless that is your sort of thing, but we did get so see what changes are going to be made from the original title.

In comparison to Codemasters original, DiRT, water will have a more significant effect to how the car controls and will slow down the vehicle from the drag it creates. Along with these new physics, body kits are interchangeable depending on the type of race and the handling has been changed to add more to the sense of realism. Some other details indicate that the game will have social networking functions to become part of an extreme sports community, could be interesting.

Looks like I will be playing the four letter "F" word racing game that comes out this month until DiRT 2 gets closer. Fuel not fu...oh nevermind check out the "Studio Tour" video.

DiRT 2, one of the many four letter word racing games, will be available this September for the XBox 360 and Playstations, PC, Wii, DS, and PSP.

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