Wednesday, May 6, 2009

XBLA Wednesday | Space Invaders Extreme and MORE

Today in XBLA releases, is 3 brand spankin' new titles looking to take up a permanent residence on your Xbox 360 Hard Drive. The first is Space Invaders Extreme - yes, the decades old classic is back and more extreme than eva!! Updated for the Hi-def era, taking full advantage of today's visuals and sound, this is still the classic gameplay you can just pick up and play.

The second title is Zombie Wranglers...from

Be very, very quiet… we’re wrangling Zombies!! Save the city of Potters Field from an infestation of zany zombies in the quirky and comical Zombie Wranglers! Armed with a souped up Wrangler-Pack and your own unique special abilities, play as one of the four gallant apprentice Wranglers and rescue your neighborhood before it’s too late

And last, but we're not sure if it's least, we have Arkanoid LIVE, which is another "always imitated, but never equalled" title from the good 'ol days. This is no BrickBreaker on your Blackberry - this is the REAL thing!

You can queue up the download from these links:
Space Invaders Extreme
Zombie Wranglers
Arkanoid Live

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