Saturday, June 19, 2010

Atlus full of news at E3 this year

Flooding our inbox while at E3, was Atlus showing off their massive lineup across numerous platforms, so let me try and sum it all up for you so you don't miss anything. Below is a quick run down of what was announced and along with console and schedule for release.

Rock of Ages - A castle destruction game slated for digital release in Spring 2011

Trine 2 - The sequel to the critically acclaimed physics based platformer will feature 3 player online coop, also in in Spring of 2011 via digital release.

Etrian Odyssey III - The exploration RPG series gets it's third entry this Fall on the Nintendo DS. New to the series is 10 new classes and 30 possible member slots.

Knights in the Nightmare - The bullet hell RPG will soon be available on the PSP this October. As a fan of the DS release PSP owners will enjoy the unique RPG experience.

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