Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tecmo Koei felt safe enough to let MashButtons play their games

I promise I am finally coming to the end of the E3 coverage, but don't quote me on that. One of the larger booth with a great and more organized setup and most if not all game there playable, was Tecmo Koei, though being strapped for time, I was only able to get my hands on two of their titles on display. These two titles being Quantum Theory and Warriors: Legend of Troy, below is a brief hands on summary of my first impressions.

The first game I picked up was the third person shooter Quantum Theory. I got the play completely through the demo level, only embarrassingly dying a couple times. But the control this far was a fast and fluid style that reminded me of the Gears of War games. However, that is the only thing the two titles seem to have in common as this contains more a fantasy aspect where you play as Syd and it is your goal to destroy an evil tower. The tower level I played through had a dark fantasy look and was introduced to a unique element of controlling a partner through gameplay which appeared to be a woman I could throw at enemies to help distract or take them down.

The other title I got my grimy hands on was Warriors: Legend of Troy, which was an action hack and slash game that felt like Dynasty Warriors, however seemed visually more entertaining as you play due to the story or setting taking place is the poem about Troy. Yes,kind of like the movie if you want to be technical about it, but without Brad Pitt and with better action sequences, more along the lines of 300. Though, I have never gotten into the Dynasty Warrior games, this game was entertaining and full of action and violence.

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