Friday, June 25, 2010

InterWorks peripheral is going to be breaking my wallet

As a racing game enthusiast, seriously, Blur hasn't left my Xbox 360 since it came out, I was pleased to come across a small booth for a company I hadn't heard of but will probably remember it the most. The peripheral was a PS3 controller that had me confused at first with two buttons resembling pedals, instead of the left analog stick was a narrow scroll wheel that only went in two directions, and and led that resembled a gauge. I picked up the controller and after some quick instructions, I got to race, and well I sucked, at first, then one lap later i had the hang of things and was drifting like a pro, better than I would with regular controller. After being told that the controller was wired for faster response i was sold, I know what I will now need to go with Gran Turismo 5.

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