Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow Review

The latest review copy stuffed in our mail box was 3D Publisher's Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow. Kudos to them for providing us with such a wonderful game to review. Now, without further ado, the review.

Synopsis: Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow (From here on out, referenced as Blue Dragon) is the third installment into the Blue Dragon Series. Blue Dragon takes place two years after the first title on the XBOX 360 (Blue Dragon) and one year after the second installment on the DS (Blue Dragon Plus) You take on the role of our fully customizable character. You choose the look, you choose the name, and then you start the play. Your character has amnesia, which leads to the plot points of the story. You, with the full cast of Blue Dragon world characters that return, investigate what a mysterious light was that stole every ones shadows, except yours. You emerge from an underground elevator just as every ones shadows are stolen. Thus begins the adventure.

Praise: Blue Dragon once again changes its formula, the original was Turn Base traditional, Blue Dragon Plus was a Tactical RPG, and this installment goes to an action RPG. This change is good and gives the feel of a different type of adventure. 3D Publisher definitely didn't go with the old cookie cutter formula. They did something different with the Blue Dragon world and I feel it turned out for the better.

The graphics on this game are truly amazing and really push the DS to its limits. Frequently, the cut scenes roll between both screens with vivid colors and animation. The controls in this are definitely well done, you have a choice to play by the stylus pen for touchscreen play, or you can just use the cross hairs to move around. Moving with the touch screen is just a touch and follow method. I preferred using the cross hairs and buttons personally, but the best part is, the choice is yours.

Blue Dragon features impressive long game play, ranking in at an average of 30 hours. There are a ton of side quest to do, so completionist will be kept busy a whole lot longer. Side quest will also unlock a load of playable characters. If you are bored with solo play, you can always link up with three friends to battle it out in the Blue Dragon World.

Bitches and Moans: The story in this adventure seems kinda hollow, and really feels like it takes a back seat to the side missions available. However, with a lot of these type of games, that have a main adventure and side quest, this can sometimes happens. It doesn't really hamper the game at all, just something to note. I would have liked to have scene more voiced over dialogues, it happens sporadically throughout the game, however, that is just a want and not really a let down.

Overall: Blue Dragon is a well put together action RPG that will keep fans of the Blue Dragon franchise happy and playing for sometime to find and complete everything. The graphics are great and the customizable character is always a plus. I really suggest picking this one up and playing it.

Mashbuttons gives Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow a 9 of 10.

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