Thursday, June 24, 2010

Driver San Francisco goes in the way of the supernatural

Yes, there is still E3 coverage being published because I was the only person from our site that could go and well, there is a lot of news still coming out, so deal with it. Okay, I am only playing but one title Ubisoft had shown off that took me back to memories playing the original Driver on the first PlayStation and even destroying a couple controllers in frustration.

It seems as though a lot has happened in between the original and San Francisco, but the most important is bringing back the old driving style. The weirdest and most interesting new feature to the franchise is "shifting" and this ability allows the player in pursuit to stop time and have a sort of out of body or shall I say car experience and enter a different car in the area to either get closer to the said car in pursuit or use it as a tool to finish your pursuit. Sound confusing? I suggest watching the video walkthrough.

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