Tuesday, March 12, 2013

booq's Mamba goes to work

We have another laptop bag review and this time around, the bag is provided by booq. The bag at hand is part of the Mamba line and is a courier built to hold up to a 15 Macbook Pro or PC with similar dimensions. Along with your trusty laptop, the Mamba Courier is built to also hold all the tech toys, chargers and accessories in a fashionable style. The bag is fashionable along with functional, as it uses natural fiber,waterproof, and organically dried developed exclusively for the lineup. It is time to see how the bag holds up for a daily commute.

My favorite part of the Mamba is the material used, it is thick and rugged, without feeling stiff. The hooks are not the typical clip, but a solid hook in which you slip through the loops to keep the flap shut. While I was a bit worried about the bag being bulky after my time spent with the Python Courier, this bag provided a good amount of storage for the daily commute and some essentials. My least favorite part of the the bag has got to be the main opening. When unzipped, you have to roll open the top to locate and access your storage. Only other item that I wish were different would be the hooks to close the flap, I would have preferred they be adjustable to vary depending on the amount of content in tow.

The Mamba is a sexy bag, from the fabric used to the bright red lining. As a day bag, there was no question I loved it. It was unique and made a statement without calling for attention while at the same time having a solid feel and resting assured that my precious cargo was safe.  It is a bit snug in there, so anything more than a laptop, charger, camera, and hard drive gets difficult to close and secure the flap. The Mamba Collection by booq are available now in three colors in the forms backpack, messenger bag, or sleeve built to fit laptop sizes 11, 13, and 15.