Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Next courier on the chopping block, booq's Boa

The Mamba isn’t the only collection named after a snake that booq is showing off, as we also received the Boa Courier to beat up on and make sure my laptop is always with me...thanks? Where the Mamba was more of a professional bag, the Boa feels as if it is more for the person on the go, due to the stabilizer strap for a more secure fit. There is also a low-light reflective tubing in the main flap for visibility for when you are on the road riding to work or skateboarding around campus. After sporting the Mamba Courier and loving it, which will become my preference?

To start, the lack of zipper to get to my laptop is much preferred. The Boa courier’s interior is just a smidgen larger than the Mamba’s but it is definitely noticeable for storage and easy to access it’s contents. It is very comfortable for the longer more physical commutes due to the interesting strap that holds the bag flat against your back. The reason in which I saw awkward is because it isn’t like putting on a backpack, it took me a couple days of use to finally get it down. On the plus side, it is pretty entertaining to see colleagues try to figure out where the strap goes. Lastly, where the Mamba has the Boa beat in spades, is the hooks that keep the flap closed, as they are plastic and don’t feel anywhere near as solid.

In the end, I still preferred the Mamba for my daily commute as it is less casual and doesn’t go very far. However, when it does get a bit warmer and I can commute to work by bicycle, the Boa will easily become the go to. With the plush padding to keep your laptop safe, nylon herringbone line to stay scratch-free, and lightweight for extended use, the Boa is a great bag. With all the thought that went into making a well rounded bag, and after getting used to the highly effective stabilizer strap, it is hard to believe booq went with the buckles that they did as they are flexible and unlike the rest of the bag, do not feel up to the challenge. If you're interested in the Booq - you can order yours here Boa courier