Sunday, March 17, 2013

Supertooth's HD Voice goes on Spring Break road trip

What better time to get and review a Bluetooth speakerphone thingy than on a road trip to California, where you are unable to be on a phone while driving without a headset. The item at hand is the Supertooth HD Voice and what the Voice can do is pretty impressive with an equally impressive compatible list of devices. This hands free device supports the driver to answer calls, call previously dialed numbers, check battery status, and my favorite, GPS directions. After a road trip to San Diego and a lot of time with the HD Voice, it is time to see what this safe for driving in California device can do.
The build is strong and stable, equipped with a metal clip that holds the HD Voice in place by magnets. Strongly in place at that, even driving down a dirt washboard road didn’t send the Voice at my forehead. The pairing of the device is fast and painless by voice instructions in twelve different languages. Once paired, I just left the device powered on and was alerted when the two paired and with 12 total hours on the road, using GPS voice instructions the entire way and taking a handful of calls, I have yet to have to recharge the battery. The volume gets rather loud and even with music playing, you can still hear instructions, incoming calls and alerts. With all the great features and capabilities, the sound quality was that of any typical Bluetooth devices, muffled and was asked to repeat myself with moderate background noise.

After a half a days worth of driving and trying to get around southern California without getting lost, the HD Voice was more handy than I thought it would be. It is easy to set up, I never turned it off as it will connect when in range and alert me when successfully connected. Living in Arizona, we don’t have the no phone use law but when using navigation, taking a conference call on the road, and when I am being asked to pick up last minute groceries without needing to access my phone and easily accessible at a push of a button. This is a great Bluetooth item for the car or truck to have on hand with its list of abilities, however if you car already has a Bluetooth system in it like some models, you probably aren’t see a whole lot that you don’t have already.