Sunday, March 17, 2013

We trade buttons for a brush in Sensu review

It is those iPad peripherals and accessories that are really getting creative and provide a unique way to use the tablet device of choice. What we have here is the Sensu Brush, and as a simple person can likely deduce, a brush and stylus for your tablet. The Brush is a great tool for the creative mind for sketching and illustrating ideas through a number of drawing and painting apps such as but not limited to ArtRage, Sketchbook Pro, Paper by Studio 53, Procreate, Auryn Ink, and SketchTime.

We have reviewed quite a few styli on MashButtons and the Sensu Brush is unique and multifunctional. While the cap is over the brush, the short,rubber tipped stylus can be used for writing or more accurate lines. Remove the cap and you you get a longer brush with a comfort grip for painting apps on most any touchscreen device. The Sensu brush feels nice and works without fail, after my family and I have all been using the brush for the past week, it still has a fine tip with no loose strands. The build is nice with a chrome look and is equipped with a very comfortable rubber grip but I wish it was a bit heavier and had a finer tipped rubber nub. It is also fits nicely in most laptop bags, I tested in three different bags, and didn’t fit in only one pen slot by being too short.

If you do not have a stylus for your tablet yet, I would highly suggest the Sensu Brush, especially for the designers that do a lot of work on the device. I had used both Adobe Ideas and SketchBook and enjoyed how it worked with both. I think having a cap for the brush was a nice touch to get the most use, if it had been just a little bit longer with the cap and shorter with the cap on the back I would be damn sure this would be the stylus to rule them all. The Sensu Brush is available now online for the price of $39.99.