Sunday, March 24, 2013

Listen Loud, Look Fast: Ferrari R300 Review

We have another exotic headphone review and this time a Scuderia rather than a Cavellino. Headphones, more specifically the officially licensed Ferrari Scuderia R300 Active Noise Cancelling headphones. Similar to that of the previously reviewed T350, these come equipped with 40mm drivers, crafted metal arms, and breathable padding to go over the ear to seal in the sound and block out ambient noises. Having been inspired by the Scuderia racing team the design is meant to resemble that of the world famous GT Car’s aerodynamic air vents and traditional grille. 
There is no doubt about it, Logic3 has put together a headphone that is built to a look and standard that the likes of a prestigious brand like Ferrari is willing to put their stamp of approval on. With the R300, the Active Noise Canceling is superb, blocking out a tremendous amount of outside noise, while providing a monitor buttons for those inflight beverage orders and to see if it was the doorbell you thought you heard. Once the outside noise is blocked out, the aural bliss that comes from the large drivers are well tuned to provide a broad range of sound to most any walk of music. Lastly, these are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear for hours on end, as long as you are not wearing earrings. 
While the R300 sports the over ear fit, it is a tighter fit than that of the T350. I have plugs in my earlobes and noticed them being pushed into my neck., but without the plugs they felt soft and snug and most of all provided that “seal”. With the Active Noise Cancelling comes a need for battery surplus. Requiring two AA batteries for use, I went through a pair a week from daily use while at work, so make sure you have spares on hand as they turn into a stunning desk ornament without juice. I am not sure what the reason for the folding arms were, because they go into the carrying case unfolded, almost seems like they were headed in one direction and did not design the case around this ability.
The Scuderia R300 are a status symbol and an incredible pair of headphones stuffed into one stylish set of art. The Active Noise Cancelling is a must have for any traveler or someone in need of a cone of silence or looking for a musical experience the way it was meant for, with no interruptions. These headphones are built with quality products all the way down to the fine woven fabric cables and carbon fiber carrying case. While the R300’s come equipped with a slightly smaller price tag and sound as good as the T350’s, but in terms comfort, they take a close second. The Ferrari Scuderia R300 by Logic 3 is available now for the price of 436 dollars at the Ferrari Store, just be sure to keep spare batteries on hand.