Monday, January 25, 2010

Devil May Cry Bayonetta (A Review)

Hola mi amigos,
I had the extreme pleasure of playing Bayonetta and here is my humble review for you, the most esteemed loyal fans.

Have you ever though, "Man, Devil May Cry would be so much better if Dante was a Sarah Palin look a like that spouted of sexual innuendos left and right and totally kicked ass to some rocking oldies." Well your in luck with the new release of Bayonetta. The player takes on the roll of Bayonetta, a witch that is on a mission to unlock the secrets of her past that she cannot remember. Your enemies are not what you would think, they are Heavenly, Divine figures. Now let me get this straight now, these are not the angels that the bible speaks about, from which I mean, white robes, snow fallen white wings, harps, so on. These are bad, evil looking, deformed beings with some seriously bad mojo. Like Devil May Cry, beating enemies gives you a form of currency, called, Halos, that you can trade at the local shop for more moves, better weapons, items, etc.

If you like Devil May Cry, then you will love Bayonetta. This game is action packed, adrenaline fueled carnage. You beat the crap outta everything and anyone that gets in your path. Gather Halos to buy cooler moves that home girl will use to beat upon Divine characters of light but not so much good.

A cool feature to this is when you beat a boss, you get a golden LP that you can trade at the underground shop (and I mean underground literally) named "The Gates of Hell" The bartender is a Bad Ass demon who talks in a deep voice almost like Berry White. He will sell you your goods in exchange for Halos, give him a Golden LP, and he will go get you a new weapon forged from the remains of the enemy...sweet.

You have guns on all four extremities and you use them regularly. When doing moves, you will bust out in a windmill then strike pose at the end of your bullet ridden rampage. You can kinda slow time down in a bullet time type of format where you will get to rotate Bayonetta and shoot at on coming enemies in slow motion. There an insane amount of combos you can do, and every time the game goes into a load time, you get to practice your combos with a button press list on the right hand side.

The animated scenes are extremely well done when they are actual motion cut scenes (more on that later) and the story line is overall good but kinda hollow as it seems Bayonetta is more interested in kicking the crap outta everyone then really unlocking the secrets. Replay value on this game is good as there is absolutely no way to unlock every thing and get enough Halos to actually buy all the upgrades on your first time through, so playing through a second time is a must for Completionist.

Remember when I said I would get back to the Cut Scene issue, well here it is. The game will sometimes take on a kinda slide show with stills instead of actually doing a cut scene, these times feel really lacking in the imagination department. They are injected and almost feel forced and really draw the character from the hack n slash game that this is and tries to do an artsy feel to it that doesn't fit with everything else in the game.

Another complaint is that the game resembles Devil May Cry way too much. It seems they just took the basic concept, made Dante a chick, and kept just about everything else the same. Even the shop you go to, The Gates of Hell, resembles where you buy your goods in Devil May Cry and the sign is basically the same as the sign for the Devil May Cry office in that series. Granted these things are minor things and really do not draw from how good the game really is.

The game is good, and if you were let down with Devil May Cry 4, as most people were, then this is a good addition to the genre of hack n slash. Completionist will love it since you will need to play through a couple of times to get everything.

Overall, I give the game a solid 8 of 10

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