Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"X10 is back in the US" says the interwebs | Conventions

We're seeing buzz all over.  Whispers, from the corners of the interwebs, that Microsoft has sent out information on an upcoming "X" event taking place in San Francisco next month.  Apparently, an invite-only media alert went out Monday about the event on February 11th. *Fun Fact - there hasn't been a US-based Xbox Media event since X06 (since then it's been a Canada-only affair).  *Not so Fun Fact - we've not been invited :(

Though not 100% confirmed, expect to hear about such titles as Alan Wake (from a Remedy tweet), Fable 3, Crackdown, maybe a little Halo: Reach goodness.  Project Natal and Microsoft's Game Room (first unveiled at CES earlier this month) are also big possibilities to be on the docket. 

It's not much (yet) in the way of news, but stay tuned and circle ya calendars for Feb 11th - where there's smoke, there's fire!  (Where there's a convention, you'll likely to find some more news about the things we talked about above.  Stay with us!)

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