Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's a big news day for Capcom and Fighting fans alike

Like the title says, Capcom has filled my inbox in my sleep with news regarding three of their upcoming titles, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Resident Evil 6, and Street Fighter x Tekken. So what is this news? Give me five minutes of your time, a little reading, and I can pretty much promise this will pertain to you if you are either a fan of the publisher or the genre.

First, we have news regarding Street Fighter x Tekken and an announcement of four new fighters to the epic fighting crossover. Those fighter come in the form of two entries from each faction. Akuma and Bison from Street Fighter, then Jin and Ogre from the Tekken Franchise.

Next up is Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom for the Vita. What is new about this you ask? Well, it is available to purchase today alongside the Vita First Edition bundle. If you aren't aware already, this title has 12 new characters, new fighting modes, and most importantly cross play between the Vita and PS3.

And lastly we have Resident Evil 6, oh how I love thee. For the first time in the Resident Evil franchise, Leon and Chris will come together to tackle the zombie threat. But, they will also be joined by new characters, which means yet more people to get attached to through another, hopefully, great storyline.

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