Thursday, February 16, 2012

MashButtons rocks out wirelessly at work with the Airhead 1000

Compuexpert has sent a pair of the new Teknmotion Airhead 1000's to review. These bad boys are Teknmotion's newest PC/Mac headset and winner of the 2011 RedDot Design Award and boast wireless sound delivery to help remove even more clutter from your workspace. These phones use a 2.4 Ghz wireless USB dongle about the size of a thumb drive, recharge via USB, tote 40mm drivers, and powered by a lithium ion battery that claims 10-12 hours of operation between charges. Being someone that works from home and on the go, having to contact clients via skype and playing Team Fortress 2 (still) and Portal 2 from my Macbook Pro, I hate toting around my Logitech over the ear headset that could possibly have the longest cable available. I figured I would give these a shot and see if wireless is the way to go and if these could replace my tried and true wired cans.

My first impression of the Airheads were not good...but about an hour after use, my stance pulled a full 180. They are very convenient to have around and use at my workstation. The sounds is loud and rather clear for a wireless headset. The build is nice and sturdy feeling with a comfortable soft coating, oh did I mention the fold up really nice and compact for tucking in my messenger bag on the go with the rest of my equipment? The set up was simple, whether you use them on a Mac or PC, I tried both and was listening to music and skyping in less than five minutes with no CD to download drivers, just plug in and go. I did not try and keep running for 10-12 hours straight but in my use would listen to music, game, and make calls 8-9 hours straight, comfortably, with no issues and plugging in to charge overnight for the next workday's use. Media controls are locatedon the right side allowing for play, pause, volume, and track control for ease of use without switching between programs as they support Windows Media, iTunes, and while it is not included on the packaging, but I did test, Spotify. Lastly, you are also able to plug in another set of headphones or speakers into these via 3.5 mm jack to turn your more favored listening device into a wireless speaker, which I took advantage but didn't work so well for my intentions.

What do I mean? I hooked up some speakers on my patio through the Airhead 1000's, a distance of 18 feet from my Macbook Pro, but because there was not a direct line of site, meaning there was a french door in the way, causing the music to cut in and out. The button location was rather inconvenient at first, but like I said after some time you learn the layout and change the way you manhandle them. Back to the buttons, if you tap the power button, they either turn on or off, but if you had to hold the power for a couple seconds, accidental powering on and off could be avoided. It would have been much more convenient had these been bluetooth supported as it would eliminate a thumb drive sized dongle and eliminated the need of line of sight when using as they can be tempermental at even 10 feet away depending on the obstructions, along with adding additional uses with the iPad/iPhone and other audio devices. 

All in all, I was satisfied with the Airhead 1000's knowing full well that they would be strictly used on my computer. If I had ordered expecting to use with devices other than a laptop or computer, I would have been disappointed, but that is what my Teknmotion Invaders are for. They do tote a semi hefty 120 dollar price tag but as someone that has been and plans to use daily for music, calls, and games without disturbing those around me while also eliminating a significant amount of surrounding noises, they work as advertised and the best descriptions I can use for them are ease and convenience.

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