Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MashButtons has a Kinect Rhythm Party for this review

From time to time we are surprised with an email from a developer with a download code to PSN or XBLA titles, and this time it was Konami providing us with the code to Rhythm Party, the recent Kinect dance title in the form of a downloadable game for you to get off the couch and play alone or against friends. So is Rhythm Party a spin off of Just Dance or Dance Central? No, for the main reason that you are not scored on moves, but score on where your limbs are when the timed balls work their way into the scoring rings, think Samba de Amigo. So how does this fare against the two other big rhythm games in the genre. 

I will be the first to admit that I do not like the new dance titles for the Kinect, mainly because I have no rhythm whatsoever. However, I loved DDR, in the privacy of my home and I absolutely loved Samba de Amigo. Why is this important? Well think DDR without the dance pad and Sambe de Amigo without the maracca's and you get Rhythm Party. You can shake your booty to the music and raise your arms, kick your feet or thrust your hips in time to score points and unlock harder difficulties. The visuals reminded me of a modernized Max Hedron on the screen with psychodelic images and interactive backgrounds, which made me forget my rigidness and bust a move...with the blinds closed and family asleep.

As a fan of rhythm, not dance, games I found myself immediately wanting more as the 10 song playlist can grow old somewhat quickly, but will not lose novelty whenever entertaining guests looking to show off my techy pad. With a pricepoint of 800 MS Points, I can not complain as it equates to about a dollar a song, I just want more, and will easily add songs to my playlist once available as this is more forgiving to those looking to get off the couch but cannot dance.

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