Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mutant Blobs Attack! in launch trailer for the Vita

So this is a new title on my radar. Tales from Space was originally released on the PSN and with the release of the Vita quickly approaching, this seems like a perfect fit for the 2D platformer developed by DrinkBox Studios. We have also listed some of the new features after the trailer.

  •     Play as an all-consuming mutant blob as you explore (and devour) your way through more than two dozen interactive levels.
  •     A wide range of environments: everything from a frat house to a metropolis   
  • Next generation touch controls (touchscreen and rear touch pad) combined with those of a classic platformer for a fresh take on the platforming genre   
  • "Tilt-a-Blob" bonus levels featuring gyroscopic controls reward players' performance and add to the replayability
  • Growth throughout levels provide players with a constantly changing perspective on the in-game world   
  • Challenging puzzles mixed into the action and mayhem

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