Friday, September 20, 2013

Hammerhead makes sure you never get lost on your bicycle

That is right, we have GPS for just about every vehicle you can think of but the Hammerhead is a smart and social navigator for the bike lover. Sure you may have your own routes, but the Hammerhead aims to introduce you to new routes that are less known and track routes to share with two wheel riding friends.

The Hammerhead mounts to handlebars with a clip to snap the Hammerhead on your personal bicycle and was made with city bike shares programs in mind such as Bixi and B-cycle and is built to easily clip on these bikes along with other programs in Frisco, Boston, and DC. Not only does this handle shark help navigate, it also keeps the user, whether new or seasoned riders, going in the right direction and on safe routes in addition to including lights, both headlight and side lights, to be seen in dark settings.

Sounds like the perfect peddler's companion right? Well another little fact behind the Hammerhead is that it is on Dragon Innovation's crowd funding platform to make sure that the product is slated to execute before it even starts. If peddles aren't your cup of tea, then guess what? A motorcycle version of the app will be created if funding goals are exceeded.

For more information on the Hammerhead and to help back the project, take a look here.

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