Monday, September 30, 2013

Jabra's Sport Wireless+ makes me want to be more active

This next review is for the jogger, cyclist, hiker, fitness fan, or anyone that wants to take their music with them on the go without having to worry about swinging cables or having to spend precious time constantly adjusting their earbuds. Jabra has brought a solution to this problem to market with the  Wireless Sport +, a sweat and elements proof wireless headset with the additional abilities to get FM radio reception and an app to improve your workout, Endomondo. To make sure that precious time isn’t taken away from a workout routine reaching for a swinging in line remote, Jabra has made sure to include the necessary controls to the ear piece. Now that I have determined that these wireless ear buds fit comfortably under my helmet, I am ready to put them to work, so let’s see how they hold up to the test.

When I first opened the box and pulled out the Sport Wireless +, I was not too impressed by the looks as they strongly resembled hearing aids from the early 90’s connected by a flat cable. Where these really shine is functionally, as they are a wireless headset that is both light and did not fall out of my ears prevent me from having to constantly readjust. The inclusion of an FM radio was one of my favorite features as my phone is uncomfortable in my pocket while jogging and my Nano does not have Bluetooth capabilities. My biggest problem with earbuds is the fit as they either fall out or get uncomfortable after short usage, but Jabra kept this in mind by providing seven different sized and fitted tips to insure a good fit and best sound delivery. The battery life was shorter than I have seen with other wireless headphones, but these are also the only bluetooth earbuds that did not require a remote that hangs from buds and houses the heavy battery. After using for a couple weeks, I have determined that I will always look like a slow person trying to figure out how to get them in my ears, and that are uncomfortable to wear with most sunglasses.
At the end of the day Jabra’s Sport Wireless +, were a great pair of workout headphones. As someone that works inside at a desk, I still prefer my over ear headphones for the comfort and sound quality, but refuse to use them when running or bicycling. With these wireless earbuds, I can do almost anything aside from swimming while wearing. Being able to wear under a helmet while riding my ATV and still able to hear my playlist over the motor without discomfort was great as some of the longer trail rides can lead to in depth conversations with myself. The fitness tracking app that comes with a 3 month subscription, Endomondo, is a nice additional feature as it is an easy app that tracks your workout routines and numerous other fitness data points to share socially or for your own records. At first, I was not too impressed by the sound quality and fit, but after trying the numerous eargels and finding the best fitting, it completely changed the whole experience from sound quality to comfort. Jabra’s Sport Wireless + are available now for the price of $99.99 and a must have for the fitness fan that has had it with their current earbuds.

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