Sunday, September 22, 2013

iPhone 5 case showdown: Findables vs. Slickwraps

It’s another product showdown here and this time it is iPhone 5 cases, one fashionable from SlickWraps and the other is a functional case from Findables. Findable’s FlexStand case is a polycarbonate case with a shock absorbing interior that has a QR code for social media sharing app, and the case folds in half to hold in an upright viewing angle. The other is “the Case” from SlickWraps which is a rubber case with a number of unique design options created in house and includes vinyl inserts to provide complete protection from scratches, bumps, and scrapes. With that said, both are in the same price range but serve different purposes, so it is time to determine which provides the better experience.
I will start off with Findables FlexStand case, while it is not as slim as some of the other protective case I have reviewed, but the Tron-esque black/blue color combination topped with the vertical line to allow the phone to viewed in an upright position at a landscape orientation. This case is not a one trick pony as the free mobile app is fast and easy to register and allowed for me to share my social media information from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Google+ by having new contacts or friends scan the QR code on the back of the case. One downside would be the opening for the charger on the bottom, if you are using a 3rd party charger, like id America’s CrossLink, then the phone has to come out of the case each time it is charged. The FlexStand case is available now in an assortment of four colors and priced at $29.95.

Next on the chopping block is the Case from SlickWraps and their unique designer series, the case that I got was the Cosmostache. The best way in which I can describe the SlickWraps case is as a more protective SkinIt as they provide a slim 1mm rubber case which has the hip looking mustache and sunglass design. The parts not wrapped by the case are wrapped by vinyl inserts to continue the look from back to front. If “hipster” designs are not your thing, worry not, as there are 10 available designs in the designer series. It was easy to install the vinyl inserts without bubbles but there was an issue with the rubber case as it had bubbles underneath the designer print. On top of being a minimalistic and unique case, it stands out at the affordable price of $34.95.

After spending time with both of the cases, I preferred the Findables case over SlickWraps, although SlickWraps does have the upper hand with a huge number of designs to choose from for a number of devices. While Findables has only a couple of designs in a handful of colors, I was more of a fan of ability to easily share social media information by simply registering my profile information to the QR image on the back of the case, which makes it easy to swap information without mutilating a new contact’s name while entering their information into your mobile device. SlickWraps does stand out with the in terms or materials on some of their other cases as they come using more exotic materials such as cork, leather, metal, grip tape, and more.  

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