Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ten 1 Design stands the iPad Mini up with the Magnus Mini

The company that has provided us with numerous styli for our tablets have sent us something different from their norm with the Magnus Mini iPad Mini stand. The Magnus Mini is a small and lightweight piece of plastic that is coated with a rubber surface and houses ten individual magnets to set the small tablet and be held upright or at an angle suitable for typing. The stand sports a minimalist look, which is hard to see from the front and strong enough to not only view but is able to be used while upright. I had previously gotten to spend some with with the full size Magnus for the iPad 2 and up, and while it was a little large, it was a mighty stand, now that the Magnus is a fraction of the size, it is time to see how well this this stand functions.
Immediately after removing my iPad Mini from it’s folio case and placing on the Magnus Mini I was in love, as it is small without taking up much space to toss in my bag with me. Using the stand also could not be any easier, but remember that it only magnetically connects to the left side and connect it does by just simply placing above the palm sized stand. After seeing how large the the full size Magnus was, I admit that there was some apprehension on how well it would work based on it's small stature but the Magnus Mini did work and did it well. Just how small is the Mini, well let's just say that it fit in the  iPad Mini's pocket in my laptop bag on top of the tablet without scratching or using force to store. There were a couple items to keep in mind before purchasing, the first being that my tablet had to be removed from it's case before use, and the other would be when the tablet is at a typing angle, type lightly as it isn't quite stable enough for the heavy typer.

The Magnus Mini is exactly what I was hoping for from Ten 1 Designs. With how stylish and innovative their products are , I really wish they produced more. If you are someone that already has a case that holds the tablet at a viewing angle, it may not be a good idea to get another stand, but if you are like me and keep the iPad Mini on the nightstand or desk, then the Magnus Mini will do the job great and stylishly. It has such a low profile that it is hard to even see the stand when my tablet is attached and the soft plastic coating prevents scratches while traveling. Ten 1 Design's Magnus Mini is available now in black for $29.95 and if you own the full size iPad, the Magnus is available in in silver for $49.95.

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