Monday, September 2, 2013

SmartStyle case protects iPad Mini is in style

The company that has provided me with the Dash Folio case for the iPad Mini has sent the latest in their mini tablet lineup, SmartStyle, by X-Doria. The SmartStyle case differs from the Dash Folio by way of design as it touts a unique puff printed cover with 3D patterns in Bloom and Herringbone, which also makes the case easier to carry on the go. This case is also designed to stand either upright for viewing or inclined for typing and is topped off by magnets in the front flap to sleep/wake when to case is opened and closed. The iPad Mini is wrapped in a rubber case to withstand impact in which the cover is sewn to in order to make up this slim stand out fashion case, so let’s see how it holds up.

The SmartStyle is the most slim case I have reviewed for the small tablet yet, with the slim rubber case that holds the iPad Mini and the fabric cover that is just thick enough to be stable but not so thick that it lacks flexibility. The smart cover is also a great feature as you do not have to slide to unlock every time you open or close the front cover and the puff print of the pattern provides peace of mind with additional grip for those times it is not stored away in a bag. The flexibility of the cover and the multiple folds for viewing angles also make access and shooting pictures fast and clear of obstructions. The previously reviewed Dash Folio  had an elastic strap to hold the front cover closed, unfortunately the SmartStyle lacks the means to keep the front cover closed on the go aside from placing between multiple items or simply holding closed. In order for the case to be as thin as it is, it does not provide the same amount of security that some of the other cases I have reviewed provide.

The SmartStyle case by X-Doria is a nice and affordable case that both protected my iPad Mini and made it stand out from the numerous tablets throughout the office. Coming in two specific designs, the Herringbone comes in blue and white color, while the Bloom comes with a pink and teal scheme. After reviewing a number of cases for the tablet from X-Doria and a number of other accessory companies, the SmartStyle is easily the loudest looking and most stand out case that has wrapped my mini iPad. With the numerous ways in which a front cover can be held closed, i.e magnet, button, strap, etc., I am still surprised none of these methods were used to help keep the front cover closed. X-Doria’s SmartStyle is available now for the price of $39.99.

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