Monday, September 2, 2013

MeCam has your night of forgotten memories covered

Here is a new one for me, as I love my digital cameras, from action to DSLR to point and click cameras, each one has it’s own individual purpose and this next one, well this is different from that which I am used to. We have received the Mecam, a small hands free camera, designed to be worn via safety pin or as a necklace to record life in either 720P or 5.0 megapixel images. Want to record your debauchery to see what you got up to the night before? No problem, as the little camera has LED infrared built in to help capture videos and pictures in low light settings. Let’s see how this affordable little go everywhere camera performs.

I particularly enjoyed how small and light the little personal recording device was, weighing in at only a couple ounces, it does not pull on shirts...unless it catches something. Using the Mecam is pretty easy with only three buttons on the right side for my thumb to press without being photobombed by phalanges. This tag along comes in five various colors, so depending on the color of my shirt or backpack strap, it’s inconspicuous and gets some interesting faces from people trying to figure out what they were looking at before asking what it was. I did notice it was a bit difficult to identify the individual buttons at times as they sit almost flush with the case and do not provide much feedback when pressed to let me know if my input was registered, luckily the light on the top indicates power, recording, and mode. The other thing, well that would be the type of connection used, it’s not the nearly universal micro USB, but another cable to store in my laptop bag’s charger pocket, luckily the id America CrossLink freed up some space.
The Mecam is a neat idea that is pretty well executed to be an incognito camera to have on you at those moments where you wish you had a camera on hand. This itty bitty camera clips on via safety pin so it is easy to attach to virtually anything, mine currently resides on the strap of my laptop bag. As someone whose typical on the go action camera is a GoPro and my main digital camera is a DSLR, this is a great in between camera when you are on a hike or out with friends recording the evening to study the game tapes the following day...or figure out who you need to apologize to. That being said, the Mecan is suitable for most any age or situation and available now for the price of $49.99.

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