Sunday, September 15, 2013

TYLT releases new, slimmer charging case, Energi

We are having a juice box week here at MashButtons as this next review is another charging accessory, this time in the form of a charging case for the iPhone 5. TYLT has provided us with Energi, the versatile sliding power case, to keep your phone charged on the go without excessive bulk. The package includes 2 slim line cases, one blue and one black, 2500 mAh battery pack that the slim line case slides onto, charger, and headphone adapter. Should you not need the back up charge, just use the slim line case to keep your smartphone protected against impact, once low on juice, slide the slim line case into the battery pack and press the button on the back and your phone has juice again. Its time to see how this case holds up for daily use.

For starters, I liked how the Energi came with two slim line cases, the subtle black to match my phone and the vibrant blue for those more expressive days. The slim line cases have ridges on the sides to slide smoothly into the battery pack and fits great with no rattles and does not come apart easily. The cases have a soft rubber texture that does not empty my pocket when removed, but one thing about the texture that I did not like, was that it picked up smudges easily and is difficult to keep smudge free. The slim case does not take much space and I preferred to keep the Energi battery case in my laptop bag to put on and charge when needed. Also, a headphone adapter is required for headphones which have an angle where the cable plugs into the phone. The included charge of the 2500 mAh battery provides a full charge to the phone when dead, the issue I had with charging was that sometimes I had to push the button multiple times in order start charging.
TYLT’s Energi is a great charger case for the iPhone 5 as it is versatile, whether wrapped in the slim line case or attached to the charger pack. The black slim line case is subtle and adds minimal bulk and the optional blue case is vibrant and stands out when in use. What's even better about juicing my phone with the Energi is that it charges quickly when running low on the go. At just shy of a hundred bucks, the Energi is available now in three color options for the price of $99.99, just be sure to keep the headphone adapter on hand, especially if your headphones headphone input is angled as you will not be able to listen privately without it.

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